Oct 13th 2018 to Nov 25th 2018

Olga reflects on interpersonal relationships in her works. There are acquaintances, but most of them describe relationships between strangers, and sometimes also the stories which pertain to the artist personally. The color red in her work symbolizes the connection and the separation of people. It also stands for the private space, or boundary which each of us intuitively and subconsciously maintain. Red symbolizes the laws of reason; it follows the sign of each self-crafted border to the world and to the other.

In the drawings of the past few years, she also engaged with the concept of 'regimes'. It could be that we are all within the limits of our own lives. Initially, invisible regimes stemming from the laws of reason emmerge. She chose the color red as a sign of this border in the drawings. Our decisions, who we approach and who we distance ourselves from, our decisions are controlled by this red line. Once we break the regime and transcend beyond this line, we are able to soon set new boundaries for ourselves. However, we do not want to leave the field of reason. Our social field is large, because we integrate the "other" in the laws of reason and space into relationships. The color red symbolizes the desire for the crossing and at the same time, also symbolizes our fear of separation from the laws of reason.

In her solo exhibition „Sparkling like a Red Line” at XC. Hua Gallery Beijing, the artist offers the viewer a glimpse through the diversity of her work. Additional works from her last few years in Vienna will be on display. The series of drawings "Vienna Ringstreet”, which was created in Vienna in the Vienna Ring Street will be exhibited in Beijing.

During the opening on 13.10.2018 she will make a live painting in part of the gallery space. When the doors open she will begin to paint. In a few moments we will be able to see the first silhouettes of people. She will draw in all the visitors, including their mannerisms, their attire and so on. People will find themselves in her work but it will soon disappear, because the picture is constantly expanding. This is a noisily vivid and full scene, which will be solidified on paper in the drawing. Sometimes she uses a camera to record the moment and the instant becomes eternal. Looking back at her exhibition, experiment, happening, installation, it was a long live show. In 2015, Olga was allowed to make performance live drawings in eight cities in Europe with tourists from Vienna. In the live painting nights her goal was to show the guests the feeling and the city vienna — a city with very rich cultural history, immense architecture and vibrant life. In addition, she combined the evenings of each city with those of Vienna to find some similarities. One of these works will also be exhibited in this Beijing solo exhibition.

For the exhibition in Beijing she will make a new installation "pai gow". This is also the development of her work “double sixes”. This swing installation is her new attempt to embody the fallen Domino. 28 swings and 28 dominoes will form a classic game. Pai Gow is China's Domino, usually using 32 cards to play. The Domino swing will also form 32.