Sep 8th 2018 to Oct 6th 2018

On September 8th, 2018 XC. HuA’s presentation focuses on the artist Fred H.C. Liang. The exhibition "Simultaneity" will last until October 6th. Fred H.C. Liang is currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1989, he obtained the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, Canada. In 1991, he received his master's degree in fine arts from the institute of art, Yale University, Connecticut.
Fred H.C. Liang has exhibited personal works in numerous international galleries and art institutions. Chinese art is no longer to be viewed as a self-contained vessel within the context of globalization. Rather, it can be viewed metaphorically as a Post-Truth investigation, or as an artistic lexicon, seeking enlightenment in the form of new artistic expression. Time and space often lead to confusion on the viewer’s behalf. Therefore, the exploration of the relationship between time and space in different dimensions of art becomes essential. The artist connects metaphors and symbolic imaginary of past and present with eastern and western philosophy. Lang’s works offer different perspectives and starting points to the traditional narrative of Chinese art in a global context, as well as an intimate personal history and his experience of internationalization.