Mar 3rd 2018 to Apr 7th 2018

“I created it, and it is not a mathematical formula.” Ren Bo seemed very casual when we talked about the title of the exhibition. However, the causality of this sort of thing was quite peculiar. “c” was the symbol which she chose carefully. The reasons she chose it was not because of its meaning or pronunciation, the main reason was the shape, it contains and stretches, has boundaries and yet flirts with infinity. Interesting dynamics was the original intention of Ren Bo. As for connotation, she did not want to say too much. Everyone has their own minds, and it is what makes interaction interesting.

Bo’s work explores ordered and unordered states of time, memory, substance, and nothingness in a realistic environment through videos, light and various media. Through this approach, particular materials are given a spiritual meaning, the identity of objects is destroyed so as to set up a new kind of existence. In silent en- counters with her artworks, the viewer is led to wonder about their position in this phenomenal world. Her artworks provoke not only our ability to imagine, remember and consider but also

“Interesting” for Ren Bo, not only represents her attitude towards life, but also her understanding and expectation of the work. From beholding the uniqueness of people in conversation to the image of a breastfeeding woman an onlooker experiences lives, observes lives and humorously deconstructs lives.

Ren Bo ’s understanding starts in the womb where humans are already accustomed to the darkness.

to bridge the gap between our selves and an unknown world Solo Exhibitions include Waiting for work, CacheSpace, 798 Art Area, Beijing, (2016); Wellenre- flexion - Projektion, Ba Cologne Gallery (2015), Threshold, Lab47, Beijing (2015); Silent Shine, JialiGallery, Beijing (2015); White White, Jiali Gallery, Beijing (2012). Ren Bo was born in Xi’an, China. She lives and works in Beijing and Spain.