The preparations for XC.HuA+ Berlin are now underway, it will be opened for the first time during Berlin Art Week at the end of September. Located on the top floor of the same building as the gallery, the interior retains a distinctive traditional ridge of the roof, forming a unique space which balances the classic and the contemporary. 

XC.HuA+ is independent of the exhibition space, but they can also be connected with each other through the internal stairs. The total area of XC.HuA Berlin including this new space will reach 410 square meters. In addition to the spatial expansion, XC.HuA+ will also enhance the functionalities of the gallery, allowing in-depth exploration of new possibilities; as a composite functional space, on the one hand, XC.HuA+ can be combined with the current exhibition space to actualize the richer potential; on the other hand, as an independent project space, it provides international platform supports to satisfy the practical needs to explore the diverse possibilities of contemporary art in the perspective of transformation.