Wu Wei’s use of paper and metal is particular, poetic and spiritually motivated. The objects he creates are furry, seem to come alive and twisted into strange shapes captured in metal cages, wire and chains. Opening windows to other dimensions, they trigger haptic stimuli, sensual irritation and curiosity in the viewer. His works are characterized by contrasting visual elements and materials, which simultaneously appear fragile and robust. Wu Wei's art is demonstrative of the tension between Chinese folk lore and the narrative of history. Individual experience is pitted against public knowledge and belief. In turn, a microcosmic account of historical sociology is questioned which gives rise to multiple contradictions of time, as well as examining ideas of infinity and the unknown. The book, or knowledge is reduced to stacks of paper which, after being ripped and colored, are transformed into "intangible enigmas" resembling animal remains, or spiritual, otherworldly creatures. This illuminates a process of restoring the work of art to an instinctive experience of psychic visualization. Wu Wei's works represent the blurring of boundaries between inanimate objects and living beings, culture and imagination and materiality and spirituality. 

Wei Wu was born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China in 1981. Wei earned a BFA from Henan University in 2004, and continued his studies at the Experimental Art Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts where he received a MFA in 2012. Wu Wei has exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai and numerous other cities throughout China and internationally. He has won several awards including the top prize of the Sixth Saint Angelo Shiny Artists Ceremony, and the Art Trend Award of the 3rd New Star Art Festival amongst others. Wu Wei has taken part in the Art Residency project in Vienna and Berlin. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


BFA, Art Department, Henan University, Zhengzhou, China, 2004 

MFA, Experimental Art Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


The Sixth Saint Angelo Shiny Artists Ceremony ,Top Prize
Art Trend Award, the 3rd New Star Art Festival
Bronze prize, the Giant Award·Annual Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Art Academy Students
Bronze prize,"The Civil Power" Beijing Minsheng Art Museum.

Solo Exhibitions


The Gigantic, XC.HuA Galleries, Berlin

Response, XC.HuA Gallery, Beijing

Baize Tu, White Box Museum, Beijing

Wu Wei Solo Exhibitions, NUOART Galley, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

Openstudios GlogauAir Berlin
Positions Art fair XC.HuA Gallery Berlin
Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper: A Review Ipswich Art Gallery Britain
Resonating Tong Gallery+Projects Beijing
Respace whitebox Art Center Beijing
Material and Charting AMNUA Nanjing
Go live – 2 AMNUA Nanjing

Discrete Form, XC.HuA Gallery, Berlin
WHAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE, XU-Gallery, Shanghai

Go Live, Tong Gallery, Beijing
Meditation Chambers, Fine Art Beijing
The Amoy Meat Factory, Power Station Of Art, Shanghai
THIS IS WHY WE PLAY, Being3 Gallery, Beijing

transFIORM, Zhong Gallery Berlin
Folk Power, Minsheng Museum, Beijing
De-BUG:MINDS-IN-HANDS PIFO, New Art Gallery Beijing
ZHUANG ARTMIA, Foundation Beijing

Works by Artists in Residence, Concordiaplatz, Vienna, Austria
GLOBAL (CON)TEMPORARY, Fulc Art Space, Vienna, Austria
Transcendental Translations of Today, Schloss Laudon Sauna, Vienna, Austria
The Second Italy - China Biennale of Contemporary Art ,798 Yang Gallery/Beijing No.3 Plastic Factory Culture Park,Beijing, China
The Start of a Long Journey, The Collection of Excellent Graduation Works from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (2012-2013), Asian Library, University of British Columbia,1871 West Mall,Vancouver
Material World, Irish Culture Festival Art Exhibition LOFTOOO, Gallery Shanghai, China

The Start of a Long Journey,The Collection of Excellent Graduation Works from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (2012-2013), Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S
Fake, Group Exhibitions, NUOART Galley, Beijing, China
Fanhua, New Star Young Artists Shanghai Exhibition, Z-art Center, Shanghai, China
Irish Culture Festival Art Exhibition, NUOART Galley, Beijing, China

New Star Art Festival, Art Trend Award, Sanchuan Museum, Nanjing, China
The First Italy, China Biennale of Contemporary Art, Monza, Italy

Agreeing to Disagree, the 2nd Academic Experimental Art Documents Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
Material·Element, Open Exhibition of the Experimental Research Studio, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China

Epoch·Boundlessness: International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Henan Art Museum, Zhengzhou, China

Medium: the Materialized Presentation of Artistic Expression, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

    The Gigantic

    Apr 26th 2019 to Jun 15th 2019, Berlin

    Discrete Form

    Dec 9th 2017 to Jan 13th 2018, Berlin


    Sep 23rd 2017 to Nov 3rd 2017, Beijing