The longing for and the love of light comes from the full experience of darkness which starts in the womb. Ren Bo's work explores the interaction between light and darkness in conjunction with human experience and space. She uses composite materials, especially optical materials, which create a sense of stasis and stability, but at the same time convey movement - ambiguity and silence complement one another. The shapes of light are viewed entirely from the individual's subjective perspective; from another's perspective, light may appear wrapped in the darkness. Ren Bo views this ever-shifting relationship of subjectivity, light and darkness as a metaphor of the interaction between human beings and the universe.

​Solo Exhibitions

,㎡⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂⊂m³, XC.HuA gallery, Beijing, China

Waiting for work, Cache Space, 798 Art Area, Beijing, China

Wellenreflexion - Projektion, Ba Cologne Gallery, Germany (Twin Solo)
Threshold, Lab47, China Beijing, China

Silent Shine, Jiali Gallery, China Beijing, China

White White, Jiali Gallery, China Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

Outside of Space, WE + @ Workjam, Beijing, China
Dialogue - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Meridian Space, Beijing, China

Dematerialization of Beijing, Institut Cervantes, Beijing, China
The Relevance of the Critical Medium, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing,China

WO BU SHUFU / I'M NOT SO WELL / NON MI SENTO TANTO BENE, Nowhere Gallery, Milano, Italy
Yishu 8 Space, China Beijing, China
Facing East, Ausin Tung Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Memory_Identity (installations), MK2 Art Space, Beijing, China

FORGET ART, Location: Dragon Fountain Bathhouse, Beijing, China

Screening for Ladyfest, Rome, Italy

SEWN + IN/OUT_China, Eest Asia Contemporary Art Center, Chile and Shanghai

Art Fairs

Salon Zürcher in New York, US

ART PARIS, Grand Palais, France


    Mar 3rd 2018 to Apr 7th 2018, Beijing