Olga Georgieva's works are autobiographically motivated; she puts herself in the position of the observer and mirrors social relationships. Her drawings almost exclusively depict people, but also capture clear geometric space, by exerting their power over the gallery space. A room evolves into a container for interpersonal memories. Anonymous figures interact and become acquainted. A red thread turns into a wire, a fence, the border of her own "regime" of reasoning. The color red symbolizes the desire for transgression and at the same time the fear of separation from the laws of reason. An individual's decisions are governed and determined by the image of this boundary. Breaking this "regime" and crossing the border means that a new frontier will appear immediately as the individual does not want to leave the field of reason. Georgieva is known for her performative live drawings and multimedia installations. She has exhibited in a variety of art institutions as well as in public spaces.  

Born 1986 in Varna, Bulgaria Georgieva graduated in 2005 from the School of Fine Arts “Dobri Hristov”. After moving to Vienna she continued her studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, graduating in 2012 with an MA. She has exhibited in a variety of art institutions as well as in public space and received various awards and prizes such as the 1st prize in the 8th International competition “Europe at School”, the  2nd Hahnemühle prize in 2009 or  the Red Carpet Award for Young Art in 2012. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Masters Diplom, Professor Jan Svenungsson

2005 - 2012
Studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Institute of Fine Arts, Graphics &
Ordinariate printmaking, Professor Siegbert Schenk, Professor Jan Svenungsson

Graduation, Diploma and Honors

2000 - 2005
School of Fine Arts “Dobri Hristov”, Varna, Bulgaria


Winner “ Red Carpet “ for Young Art

2nd Prize, Hahnemühle Competition, Germany

Recognition Award, Competition Vivatis „Schlarafenland”
2nd Price, Mirabell Competition, Mozart Yesterday Today

1st Price Competition of Varna, 1150 Years Bulgarian Alphabet

1st Price in the 8th International Competition Europe at School

Selected Solo Exhibitions

I TAKE YOU !, Live Painting Performance, Take Festival, Vienna
WE TAKE YOU !, Live Painting Performance, Olga Georgieva Special Guests Mirre M & Luma.Launisch, Live  Audio Visual Fashion Oper, Take Festival Vienna
A Conversation Only We Can Have, Work in the Public Space, Designing a Bridge in Changde / Hunan, China
Looking for Score, Gallery Steinek, Vienna, Austria
Out on the Other Side, Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

Imperial & CO, Live Painting Tour, via Saundframe, Vienna Info in the Cities; Genf, Hamburg, Mailand, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Bukarest, Warschau, Lyon
RINGSTREET OVER AND OVER, Multimedia - Space - Installation & Live Painting, LUMA
LAUNISCH & OLGA GEORGIEVA, Long Night of Museums Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Since 1986, Museum Angerlehner, Wels, Austria,
Vienna Now or Never, Live Painting, White Loft Moscow, Russia
Invisible Beijing, Steinek Gallery, Vienna, Austria
The 62 Days .... it all could Happen, HuanTie Times Art Museum, Beijing, China, Curator Alexandra Grimmer

ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR, Bulart Gallery , Varna, Bulgaria
Final Line, Viennafair, Red Carped , Vienna, Austria
Double Six,  SHOWROOM Red Carped , Karlsplatz , Vienna, Austria,
Unverschämt unwiderstehlich, Steinek Gallery, Vienna

Ausweitung der Vernunftzon, Diploma work, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria “Doppel - sechser”, Education Center of the SPÖ, Vienna, Austria

Wildes Mädchen, Art Forum Raum 8, Vienna, Austria
Unruhige Zeiten, Kunsthalle Wien , Vienna, Austria
Wilde Mädchen, Renner Institute, Vienna, Austria

Exhibition at the Opening of the Gallery Aglaia, Varna, Bulgaria


Selected Group Exhibitions

Discrete Form, XC.HuA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Red Bites Back Volume II, M8 Treviso, Curator Alexandra Grimmer, Treviso, Italien

PARALLEL VIENNA, Gallery`s Choice, Gallery Steinek, Vienna, Austria,
The Zone In - between“, F35 - 37, Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
MINIFESTA # 2, Studio Suterena, Vienna, Austria

Shape- Shifters, Gallery Bulart, Curator Raul Zamudio, Varna, Bulgaria
Festival of young Art, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
Live Painting, MODE PALAST 2015, soung:frame, Vienna, Austria
Art Brussels, Gallery Steinek, Belgium
Spazio Libero, M8 Treviso, Italy
Exhibition of Nominated wWrks, Walter Koschatzky Art - Award
MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Austria
ART & FEST, Gmunden, Austria

No more Fukushima, Vienna Art Week 2014 - Special Project, Vienna
Black & White, Gallery Steinek, Viennafair
START UPS, Matthias Küper Gallery Stuttgart | Beijing, Beijing, China
Wießenburger Art Days, Weißenburg, Germany
Just European?, ega: Women in the Center, Vienna, Austria
CONTEMPO, International Contemporary Type Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
Sound: Frame Exhibition Vienna Visuals, Künstlerhaus Passage, Vienna Austria
Shuffing the Cards the 6th Round: Affaires d’amour | Herzensangelegenheiten, Curator Alexandra Grimmer, Gmunden, Austria

Ferne Nähe, Lilienfeld, Austria
Karl Kilian Days 2013, Little Darlings, Association for Philosophy and Media, Vienna, Austria, 7 Studios, Hrobsky Showroom Gallery , Vienna
Young Art - Parcours, Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna, Austria
Exhibition of Nominated Works, Walter Koschatzky Art - Award
MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Austria

Homage an mich, Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria
Year Exhibition THE HOUS GRASS, Cserni Wohnen, Vienna, Austria
VIENNA FAIR PARK FAIR ARTE NOAH, Art Space Zögernitz, Vienna, Austria
7 Studios, Hrobsky Showroom Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Big in Small, Karl Kilian’s CUBE festival for extensive Arts, Vienna, Austria
4 Years Red Carpet, Area 53, Vienna, Austria
Open Art, Summer Stage, Vienna, Austria, Designing a Column of Light
Seschaft, Steinek Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Previews, Presentation of the Red Carpet Winners, Ausarten, Vienna, Austria

ICEP Charity Art Auction, Hall of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
ICEP Charity Art Auction, Graz, Austria
IN CONTRAST, Educult, MQ Vienna, Austria
Japan Charity Exibition, Base Level l, Vienna, Austria
Sospensione, Group Exhibition in Heiligenkreuzerhof Vienna, Austria

ICEP Charity Art Auction, Leopold Museum, Vienna
The Essence, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
Exile in Shanghai, Jewish Museum, Vienna, Austria
Umsteigen, Collaborative Project with the University Geidai, Tokyo, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria

​Umsteigen, Gedai art Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

13th International Biennial, ROC, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts20
Premio de gravado Maximo Ramos, Spain
Umsteigen, Austrian Cultural Forum, Tokyo, Japan

The European - Bulgarian Art, Gallery Lessedra, So a, Bulgaria
Hhhhholz & Papppier, FeuerWerk, Fügen, Tyrol, Austria
Iconographic, Gallery Kadekunst , Amsterdam, Holland
The Essence, University of Applied Arts, MAK, Vienna, Austria
Triangle, Bentlage, Rheine, Germany Vth International Print Triennial, So a, Bulgaria

Everyday Life, International Exhibition and Competition, Helsinki

    Sparkling like a Red Line

    Oct 13th 2018 to Nov 25th 2018, Beijing

    Discrete Form

    Dec 9th 2017 to Jan 13th 2018, Berlin