Selected Exhibitions


carry on, FOLD, London, UK



nonsynonymous, Gallery Kernel, Cáceres, Spain

in between places, Century Soho, London, UK

deconnotation, frontviews, Berlin with performance: Miguel Altunaga

after white, Fold, London with Peter Welz, Performance: Miguel Altunaga, Costume: Sarah Rosengarten, Music: Artur Chruszcz


Inner poverty, curated by Marco Schmitt & Patrick Alt, Pohlen, Berlin

Paint lounge, cold store, Berlin

Room XVII, curated by Oliver Mark and Thomas Henrikson, Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin

Roll up your sleeves, Sporklübü, Berlin


thirdness, curated by Tamara Branovic, with Henrik Strömberg, Johannes Wald, Carsten Becker, Jens Soneryd, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Project Space, Berlin

apposite, with Ella Goerner, Harm van den Dorpel, Andrea Winkler, Manuel Rossner, Sarah Rosengarten, Olivia Bax and others, Kosmetiksalon Barbette, Berlin

cargo + labo(rat)ori extended, solo show and performance, PM/AM, London, UK

Art Brussels with FOLD, London

New Material, curated by Tyler Mallison, with Robert Cervera Amblar, Russell Chater, Marieke Gelissen, Paul Kindersley, Edith Kollath, Tyler Mallison, Nika Neelova, APT gallery, London, UK

Labo(rat)ori extended, timelayers, performance with Jacob O'Connell (dance), Miguel Altunaga (choreography), David Preston (music), APT gallery, London, UK


Perpetual Movement, with Goshka Macuga, Katie Paterson, Leila Johnson, in cooperation with Rambert, London, The Lowry Manchester

viennacontemporary with FOLD, London

printage, with Amir Fattal, Pius Fox, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Lindsay Lawson, Kate Steciw, Yorgos Stamkopoulos, and others, frontviews temporary art quarter Bethanien

structure, curated by Marianne Kapfer and Jan Kage, Kuehlhaus Berlin

object trouvé, curated by Rebecca Hoffmann, Charlotte Silbermann, Silke Briel, Centre Pompidou, Paris

suckstract, Kunstverein Weiden

suckstract, with Ralf Dereich, Dani Jakob, Shila Katami, Henry Kleine, Daniel Lergon, Julie Oppermann, Max Schulze, Anja Schwörer, Gabriel Vormstein, Kunstverein Konstanz

in the chaos of memories, curated by Jens Soneryd in cooperation with the 15th Biennale di Venecia, Castello 925, Venice

CMYK, FOLD gallery, London, solo


jurassiccontemporary with Alexandra Hopf, Gaelle Boucand, Bettina Buck, Matthew Burbidge, Fresh White, Hervé Humbert, Andrea Winkler, Bethanien, Project Space, Berlin

can't hug every cat, with Dani Jakob, Manuela Leinhoss, Alexander Wolff, Florian Baudrexel, Florian Schmidt, Roman Liska, Bethanien, Berlin

Brussels Dawn, with Richard Bateman, Yves Beaumont, Annie Kevans, studio 1.1, London, UK

Garden a.V., with Marie von Heyl, Sabine Bokelberg, Alana Lake, Simon Mullan, Thomas Grötz, Hanako Geierhos, Kes Richardson, Finbar Ward, Dominic Kennedy, Anke Völk, Michael Schultze

Summerville, with Ingo Gerken, Florian Schmidt, Anja Schwörer, Marie von Heyl, Sabine Bokelberg, Jorn Ebner, Fresh White, Annika Hippler, Martin Hoener, Hanako Geierhos, Bert Dillion and others.

Corporeality, Objects and Other Stuff, with Paul Emmanuel, Jane Harris, Christopher McSherry, Sophia Starling, Henna Vainio, FOLD gallery, London

other's own, with Leah Dixon, Siebren Versteeg, Justin Lieberman, gsl project, Berlin

inneroutfit, with Anja Schwörer, Klaus Jörres, Jan Scharrelmann, Ingo Gerken, Galerie Hammelehle and Ahrens, Cologne

movements towards formation with Peter Welz, Yorgos Sapountzis, Elena Bajo, Judy Millar, Stella Geppert, Canan Erek, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin

By-products, Haus am Lützowplatz, IG Metall exhibition space, edited by Zoe Miller

Frequently Asked Questions, with Florian Schmidt, Martin Hoener, Ingo Gerken, Domink Steiner, Sabine Bokelberg and others Kunsthalle M3, Berlin

Facets, with Simon Mullan, Elisabeth Mladenov, Xavier Stentz (Fresh White), gsl Project, Gallery Suvi Lethinen

Christie's and artstack's 1st contemporary open, group exhibition 40 years Christie's, London

forth under, skip down, with Sinta Werner, Pius Fox, Gabriel Braun, Frank Eickhoff, Pierre Granoux and others, frontviews temporary at Leipzigerstrasse 63, Berlin

the black and the white key, with Piedro Sanguineti, Sebastian Neeb, Sabine Gross and others, curated by Ulrike Buhl, Schaufenster, Berlin

N°1, frontviews temporary at Stuttgarter Platz 2, solo, Berlin

of light, with Elmar Vestner, Daniel Lergon, Henry Kleine, Anja Schwörer, Tom Früchtl, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin


Tile, with Astali/Peirce, Andreas Helfer, Nathan Hylden, Henry Kleine, Roman Liska, Julie Oppermann, Hannu Prinz, Michael Rockel, Elmar Vestner, Johannes Weiss, curated by Stephan Köhler

about Edith, Edition, l'oiseau presents, Ballhaus Ost

Romantica@Emotional Rescue Show with Conni Brinzinger, Catherine Lorent and others, Stuttgarter Platz, Berlin

suckstract with Julie Oppermann, Ralf Dereich, Dani Jakob, Henry Kleine, Daniel Lergon, Anja Schwörer, Shila Khatami, Gabriel Vormstein, Max Schulze, Städtische Galerie Remscheid

leaf form

    Active Texture - between Text and Textile

    Mar 16th 2019 to Apr 13th 2019, Berlin