Eschenlohr starts from the basis of digital, abstract backgrounds. Through the application of various photographs, expressive brushstrokes and interwoven, layered paint her paintings are reminiscent of urban street art. She uses found objects and motifs from advertising, architecture and design, as well as photographs from her own staged performances and material produced during her work processes. High heels and the modern woman, as often portrayed by mass media, are recurring motifs. Eschenlohr's work explores modern femininity, exerts sensual power and stands for imperance at the same time.

Born in Munich, Eschenlohr studied business management and received her doctorate in commerce. She has worked in investment management, management consulting and accountancy. Charlotte Eschenlohr lives and works in Munich, Beijing and New York.


2006 - 2012
Collaboration with the american painter Maureen Jeram in Berlin, Munich and Rome

2005 - 2012
Collaboration with the painter Doug Henders in New York

2007 - 2008
Academy of Arts, Bad Reichenhall with Markus Lüpertz

2004 - 2005
International Summer Academy Salzburg with Hubert Schmalix, Günter                                            Unterburger and Donald Baechler

Solo Exhibitions

ThenewNew, XC.HuA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Warehouse-ism, Being3 Gallery, Peking, China
Pre- Show, XC.HuA Gallerys Berlin/Peking, Berlin, Germany
Charlotte Eschenlohr, Manet Grassland Museum, Peking, China

CALL THE NOW, Being 3 Gallery, Peking, China

Charlotte Eschenlohr - Easiness, With Cafe 798, Peking, China

Charlotte Eschenlohr - NO RESERVATIONS & Zhangfangbai - Ink on Paper, CES Art Studio, Munich, Germany
Maitresse, Galerie Matthias Küper Peking / Stuttgart, Germany
Strange Pureness, Galerie Matthias Küper Peking / Stuttgart, Beijing, China

Chinese – New York – Patterns, ROTA-Treuhand GmbH, Munich, Germany
Dragonfly, With Space Gallery, Beijing, China
Chinese Patterns, WTW, Munich, Germany

Römische Bilder, Al Boccone, Munich, Germany
Delete the Thirst by the View of Plums, Huantie Times Art Museum, Peking, China
The Flowers are on Holiday, Point B Brooklyn, New York, US

Habits Indoor, Art happening in Studio Holzstrasse, Munich, Germany

New York Paintings II, Point B Brooklyn, New York, US

Spiral Stairs, Point B Brooklyn, New York, US

Entrance, One Ten, New York, US

New York Paintings, Point B Brooklyn, New York, US

Vivid Wild Women at Katzlmacher, Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions

A Bossom Friend after brings a distant Land near, Being3 Gallery, Peking

The Harbour of the Heart, China Rendez-Vous HaiNan, China, 
Hainan Dialogue to The World“ Beautiful Crown, Haikou, HaiNan Provice, China
Soft Touch,  Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong, China

There is a Painting on the Wall, Being 3 Gallery 10 Years, Beijing, China
Infinite Love, International Female Contemporary Art Exhibition, Low Block of Hong                              Kong,City Hall, Hong Kong, China

Paper, with Chinese, Korean and German Artists, With Space Galerie, Beijing, China

Rotary International Auction & Exhibition, Filser und Gräf Galerie, Munich, Germany
Infinity. Neo-Expressionism, with Anselm Kiefer,Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz, Sigmar                      Infinity. Neo-Expressionism 2, in World Art Museum, Beijing, China

A Bird Came Down the Walk, With Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Swan Stage, with Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Sigmar Polke, Markus Lüpertz, A.R.  Penck, With Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Coinciding at the Wall, With Space Gallery, Beijing, China

zweinulleins, Gallery Schrade Schloß Mochental, Germany

NY and Salzburg Paintings, Studio Manduzio, Munich, Germany


Contemporary Artfair, Istanbul, 8TH EDITION, represented by With Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Cologne Artfair, Solo Exhibition “The Tiger Series” represented by With Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Munich Contempo 2011, represented by With Space Gallery, Beijing, China
Art Beijing 2011, represented by  Michael Schultz Gallery Berlin / Seoul / Beijing, Beijing , China

Munich Contempo 2010, represented by Klimczak Gallery, Munich, Germany
Art Beijing 2010, “East-West Sofa” Solo Exhibition, represented by Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany