Founded in 2017, XC.HuA is a Berlin-based international art gallery with locations in both Europe and China. Whilst representing renowned international artists, XC.HuA also offers young, highly talented artists an international platform to exhibit their work. From the onset XC.HuA Gallery has been dedicated to exhibiting exciting, new art to an international audience. The Gallery operates in three international spaces, one experimental gallery space in Beijing, a traditional gallery and an exclusive show room in Berlin. Each space has its own distinct concept and exhibition philosophy.

XC.HuA Gallery's exhibition philosophy underlies the premise of presenting works of art by innovative, experimental and established international artists through a vibrant, new and exciting approach to the appropriation of gallery space. XC.HuA Gallery seeks to break through the confines of conventional art practices by presenting artists, who contemplate space, technique and media uniquely and differently. These select artists achieve this goal through their interaction with different mediums such as installation, new media, paintings, sculptures, etc. XC.HuA Gallery takes great pride in exploring new frontiers and in pushing the envelope of existing artistic norms.